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Yoga inspires my life. Please allow me to share some impressions and experiences with you.

Yoga in pregnancy

Yoga in pregnancy offers a wonderful way to stay mobile, to experience the physical and emotional changes more consciously and to enjoy and of course to prepare optimally for the birth. With the beginning of the 2nd trimester, most women feel more comfortable and prosper. The freedom of movement is not yet so limited. This energy can be transferred directly to the yoga mat to work on strength and endurance. Thus, a selected yoga practice leads to more well-being and relaxation.

Video: Happy Baby Yoga

Yoga flash mobs in Freiberg

Yoga flash mob in Freiberg

In July 2012, more than 150 yoga aficionados gathered at the Obermarkt market plaza in Freiberg for the city’s first yoga flash mob. There was another flash mob in May 2013 on the Schlossplatz. The activity’s spontaneity surprised the bystanders on the market square, but they watched enthusiastically and were overwhelmed by the positive vibrations.

Find some pictures under following Weblink.

Videos: 1st flash mob    2nd flash mob

   (only available in German).

Travelling with yoga

YogaTraumreise (Yoga Dream Vacation) organises yoga trips to destinations all over the world. At, you can book trips to Toscana, Italy; Ruegen Island, Germany, or Goa, India, for example. These trips combine modern yoga in dreamlike surroundings with vegetarian food and a relaxed atmosphere among like-minded people.

video: Dream vacation in Goa, India

My Yoga on Facebook

I use Facebook as a bulletin board for publishing current dates for my workshops and special events. This platform connects friends and yoga teachers from all parts of the world and it helps exchange information about current developments and our experiences with yoga. Via Facebook, we can exchange information on healthy nutrition, organise further trainings, and publish interesting videos and pictures. My profile can be found at Think & link with yoga!


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